Plasmatech (UK) Ltd,


the UK's leading supplier


for plasma cutting systems,

spares, consumables and safety wear.

Plasmatech is the leading supplier of plasma cutting equipment in the UK. Originally established in 1999 as the exclusive international sales office for Kaliburn (formerly InnerLogic) mechanised plasma cutting systems, genuine plasma consumables and spares, Plasmatech supplies both distributors and end user customers throughout the UK and Europe.

We are also an authorized UK distributor of American Torch Tip Company for replacement plasma torches and consumables.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

For manual plasma cutting systems Longevity inverter air plasma cutters are known for their portability, power and reliability. Available for both manual plasma cutting or CNC plasma cutting applications, on both performance and cost effectiveness, they surpass leading brands!  


PlasmaCUT Consumables

PlasmaCUT high quality consumables for major plasma systems at low prices!

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PlasmaFLOW coolant in economy sized 5 litre containers and still manufactured to the same specifications as leading plasma system suppliers.

5 Litre containers equals over 30% more coolant than a US gallon and costs less!

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PlasmaSHIELD anti slag. An anti spatter specifically for plasma cutting to increase plasma consumable life!

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PlasmaLUBEO2 compatible torch O-ring lubricant in economy priced syringes.

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PlasmaCLEAN air filter/drier to improve cut quality and extend plasma consumable life.

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  PlasmaSTOP torch anti collision for CNC plasma torches and only £225.00!
Shade 8 Glasses

PlasmaSAFE glasses for protection of the electric arc from plasma cutting!

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GreenCut plasma cutting table SAFE water treatment fluid to improve cut quality.



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