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Plasma Consumables & Spares

Plasma Consumables & Spares

PlasmaCUT quality alternative consumables, with our exclusive on line pricing, provide the opportunity for Cutting the cost of Cutting without a reduction on cut quality or consumable life.

PlasmaCUT consumables are now available for Kaliburn* Spirit and ProLine plasma cutting systems using silver plasma cutting electrodes as standard from 100amps to increase electrode life but without the need to change any torch. PlasmaCUT high quality plasma consumables are already widely used for Hypertherm*, Ajan*, Thermal Dynamics*, Kjellberg*, SAF* and Esab* plasma cutting systems.

*Plasmatech OnLine Ltd is in no way affiliated with Kaliburn, Hypertherm, Ajan, Thermal Dynamics, Kjellberg, SAF or Esab. References to the above-named machines, torches, consumables, and reference numbers are for convenience only. Plasmatech supplied products are manufactured for or by Plasmatech OnLine Ltd.

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