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Plasma Water Treatment

Plasma Water Treatment

GreenCut® Plasma Cutting / Misting Fluid is a CNC plasma cutting water table treatment preventing corrosion and bacteria. Also a high performance, safe, biodegradable coolant used in machining, cutting, grinding, drilling and tapping of all metals.

GreenCut® Plasma Arc Fluid mix ratio: 20:1 with water. (1 litre GreenCut® Plasma per 20 litres of water)


  • Plasma table coolant specifically designed for CNC plasma cutting
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Prevents bacteria
  • Prevents hot spotting
  • Does not thermally degrade meaning no change-outs are required
  • Contains anti-rust, anti-foam, and anti-bacterial chemistry
  • Superb surface finish
  • Increased production speeds
  • 100% effective regardless of the speed
  • GreenCut®is a water-soluble package, blends with water at 20:1 ratio
  • Easily rinseable with water; does not leave marks
  • No sump clean-outs needed for at least one year with proper maintenance and pump circulation
  • Can be reused


  • GreenCut® Plasma totally prevents growth of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria
  • Eliminates odors permanently. Immediately biodegrades tramp oils that wash into the water table from the plasma cut metal
  • Easy on the hands and helps heal lacerations and dermatitis. Vapors wont cause asthma or breathing problems. Spills are safe to walk on "no-slip"

The recommendation is that users check the pH level of the plasma table fluid every two weeks to ensure it’s between 9 and 10 pH. If it’s less, add more fluid. If the right amount of GreenCut® fluid is in the table, the liquid should appear green. Also, because water evaporates, and the fluid does not, additional water will need to be added to maintain that 20-to-1 ratio.

This biodegrading effect remains constant as long as the fluid-to-water ratio remains at appropriate levels. The recommendation is a 20-to-1 ratio—20 parts water to 1 part GreenCut®. If the ratio gets to 50-to-1, the fluid loses its effectiveness.

For the fluid to be effective, it needs to come in contact with the sheet or plate being cut, so we recommend submerging the work in water. Specifically, material less than 0.25 in. thick should be submerged totally to avoid air being trapped underneath, which can form an explosive steam mixture with ambient air. Whilst not specific to the GreenCut® fluid is just a precaution to take when plasma cutting in a water table. Plate more than 0.25 in. thick can be partially submerged.

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Please note: GreenCut Cutting Fluid delivery is subject to a £15.00 plus VAT charge per unit for delivery of chemical products.

GreenCut Plasma Fluid 1L

GreenCut Plasma Fluid 1L

GreenCut® Cutting Fluid / Misting Fluid is a high performance, SAFE, biodegradable coolant used in m..
GreenCut Plasma Fluid 20L

GreenCut Plasma Fluid 20L

GreenCut® Plasma Cutting / Misting Fluid is a high performance, SAFE, biodegradable coolant used in ..
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