Our range of PlasmaSAFE protective glasses are available in either
GREEN for plasma cutting or BLUE for gas flux brazing and aluminium welding.


PlasmaSAFE GREEN cutting glasses ensure companies within the plasma cutting industry meet the legal requirements for the safe use of UV light in the workplace, as specified under The Control of Artificial Optical Radiation at Work Regulations 2010, and which brought into law in the UK the European Physics Agents (Artificial Optical Radiation 2006/25/EC) Directive.

  Gas welding goggles should NEVER be used for plasma

cutting as they incorporate standard Gas Welding Filter lenses. 

Plasma cutting is an Electric arc!!

Protect your most valued possession - your eyes!!!

You can’t feel retinal damage until it’s too late. If you damaged your retina, there's no pain, and the only way you know is when your eyesight starts to degrade. By the time you see an optician about the problem, the damage is permanent 


Available in either a shade 5 or shade 8 and also, for those who wear prescription glasses, in a shade 8 clip-on/flip-up style.

  Recommended shade densities
        for filter lenses

Amperage Minimum Shade
40 to 100 5
100 to 300 8
300 to 400 9
400 plus 10


Shade 8 Glasses

            Clip-On Glasses

Health & Safety Guidance:-

Eye protection during welding and cutting in Shipyard Employment

Employer guidance on control of Artificial Optical Radiation at Work (AOR) 2010

Safety in Welding, Cutting and Allied Processes

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                     Cobalt Blue  - (Large)


PlasmaSAFE shade 5 Cobalt Blue lensed spectacles are ideal for both gas flux brazing and aluminium welding. When used with the gas fluxer process these Cobalt Blue glasses help operators see the green flame produced with the gas flux more easily and will also show when excess acetylene is being used. 

Also available in a larger format for fitting over perscription glasses

PlasmaSAFE Cobalt Blue glasses also then help remove the orange glare associated with aluminium welding.  


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