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Plasma Torch Coolant

Initially produced for, and approved by Kaliburn for use in their plasma cutting systems, PlasmaFLOW is manufactured in the UK to the exact same specifications as the OEM product.

Supplied in traditional 5litre containers, providing over 30% more coolant than that of an OEM labled US gallon, PlasmaFLOW is Cutting the cost of Cutting as a competitively priced universal plasma torch coolant.

PlasmaFLOW is also widely used in Hypertherm and other water cooled plasma cutting systems as well as being suitable for water cooled MIG, MAG and TIG welding systems.

Longer Electrode Life

Plasma torch coolant can have a huge impact on plasma consumable life and so, by using the correct glycol based coolant, you can in fact increase consumable life by 30% or more - the better you cool the electrode, the longer the electrode will last! PlasmaFLOW has a maximum content of 25% Glycol giving protection to -12 C (10F) as per the graph below. By switching to PlasmaFLOW you may even be able to increase further your plasma electrode life.

PlasmaFLOW Torch Coolant is Clear!

Some torch coolants contain dyes. Whilst these coolants may work fine in water cooled welding torches they should never be used in a CNC plasma cutting machine where the temperature and voltage is much higher. Coloured coolant has known to solidify, creating a jelly-like substance, that will clog your torch and water cooler. Never use commercial radiator antifreeze as this has materials that are unsuitable for plasma cutting systems and also may cause damage!!

Download the PlasmaFLOW Data Sheet

PlasmaFLOW Torch Coolant - 5 litres

PlasmaFLOW Torch Coolant - 5 litres

PlasmaFLOW is a competitively priced universal plasma arc torch coolant suitable for all water cool..
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