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PlasmaCLEAN AT1000 Air Filter

PlasmaCLEAN AT1000 Air Filter

  • Brand: Plasmatech
  • Product Code: 050500
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  • £75.00

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If your air isn't spray paint quality then you are eating up you plasma consumables with wet or dirty air!

The PlasmaCLEAN AT1000 plasma cutting air filter has been developed by a plasma cutting torch manufacturer to remove the smallest of contaminant, oil or moisture to ensure the supply of clean, dry and oil free air to the plasma cutting system.

Moisture and oil, which are electrically conductive, can interfere with the plasma arc by pulling it off center, resulting in rougher cuts than desired. An arc which moves, or "flutters", will also enlarge the nozzle orifice, causing the ac to spread and further degrading cut quality

Dirt in the air supply can plug bup the very small holes in the swirl ring, interfering with the plasma gas's swirl pattern and causing poor cut quality

For plasma cutting clean dry air is essential! If your air isn't spray paint quality then you are eating up your plasma consumables with wet or dirty air!

Suitable for all brands of air plasma systems the PlasmaCLEAN AT1000 is an easy to install and economical to run unit and will improve both torch and consumable life.

Technical specifications

  • Screw-on filter housing for use with the special cellulose filters
  • ¼" connection for easy installation between the pressure tank of the compressor and the plasma cutting machine or other terminal equipment
  • Filter change interval: Inspect filter, replace before fully saturated
  • Air flow rate: 1250 l/min.
  • Max. air pressure: 8 bar
  • Max. absorbency capacity of the cartridge:  approx. 250 g water

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