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PlasmaSAFE Shade 8 Green Clip-on Safety Glasses

PlasmaSAFE Shade 8 Green Clip-on Safety Glasses

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PlasmaSAFE, Clip-on Shade 8 UV protection plasma cutting glasses

Plasma cutting, just like all welding arcs, emits intense visible and invisible (ultra violet and infrared) radiation.

The minimum recommended shade for plasma cutting up to 300amps, and to meet ANSI Z87.1.2003 as per the table below, is a shade 8.

ANSI Z87.1-2003, Practice for Occupational and Educational Eye & Face Protection

Normally such a shade is only available only in either a bulky welders head shield or a hand shield but we are pleased to now offer this, in either a full spectacle or as a clip-on/flip-up style.

The use of gas welding goggles, which do not provide UV protection, are unsuitable for any form of electric arcs and should never be recommended.

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