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Plasma Water Treatment

Plasma Water Treatment

                                    PLASMA WATER TABLE FLUID

    SterlingCool-PlasmaCUT is a water table treatment suitable for Plasma or Oxy/Fuel cutting tables, preventing corrosion and bacteria whilst reducing, or eliminating, the need to clean parts after cutting.

    SterlingCool-PlasmaCUT Fluid mix ratio: 20 parts water to 1 part SterlingCool-Plasmacut. 

    For the fluid to be effective, it needs to come in contact with the sheet or plate being cut, so we recommend submerging the work in water. Specifically, material less than 0.25 in. thick should be submerged totally to avoid air being trapped underneath and which can form an explosive steam mixture with ambient air. Plate more than 0.25 in. thick can be partially submerged.

    SterlingCool-PlasmaCUT is also suitable for use as a cutting fluid.


    • Prevents rust, mould and fouls odours.
    • Extremely long shelf life. (1-2 years)
    • 100% Safe and operator friendly.
    • Non staining. (Great on aluminium!)

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    SterlingCool-PlasmaCUT is a USA manufactured premium plasma water table additive that will prev..
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